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USA eSIM QR Code trial packages

Free Trial plans for eSIM in USA.



Unlimited Plan

For iPhones XR and newer. On Verizion network. IMEI check required.


US Mobile

Unlimited Plan

Supports iPhone XR and newer and some Android. Account and IMEI check requried. On Verizion network.



3GB Plan

14 Day Trial. IMEI, Mobile APP and exact GPS location required. No Card required. Sub network of AT&T.

Other eSIM Plans

Get a free eSIM travel plan trial from these providers.


Free: USA eSIMs 🇺🇸

USA eSIM Plans

These mobile carriers offer a trial eSIM. Try the service from these telcos before longer term use. Trials from:

Visible - 14 days

Verizon - 30 Day 100GB

US Mobile - 10 days

T-Mobile - 90 days

Cricket Wireless - 14 days 3GB

Mint Mobile - 7 days


Free: Travel eSIMs

Trial Travel eSIM

Free esim. No data, test your device and add later. Scan to try.


Paid: Multi-Country eSIM

1 eSIM, many Countries

144 Countries - eSIM2Fly

143 Countries - GlobaleSIM

85 Counties - Airalo


Free: Australian eSIM 🇦🇺

Optus 7 Day Trial

1 GB per day. Requires Optus App and Credit Card. Auto renews after 7 days. Works in Australia. Optus Flex plan. $1 per GB after 7 days.



Ubigi Free eSIM, buy a plan

Install an eSIM first, then buy a plan.

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